Marine Services Companies In Dubai Provide

Marine services are responsible for performing emergency repairs, periodic maintenance, or complete overhauls on boats and ships. Oceangoing vessels require marine services while underway, at the pier side, and during periods of reduced operating status (such as between charters or shipping seasons). 

Most oceangoing vessels require trips to special drydock facilities at regular intervals in order to maintain the vessel’s hull and any underwater features such as the propeller and rudder. Drydocks are basins that are used for shipbuilding or ship repair activities below a vessel’s waterline.

Offshore services are fabricators for the oil and gas industry. Using large structural steel components, they build various topsides and oil platforms. Oil transportation services and freight transportation services use oil tankers and other cargo vessels to transport crude oil and other petroleum products. 

Vessel manning services are marine services that provide contract or temporary crew members.  Marine brokerage services may specialize in used commercial vessels, yachts, or private fishing boats. Nanje Yachts is a well know name in Yacht Rental Dubai